Film & TV

Film & TV

We are proud to work with many Film and TV production companies delivering set security and set assistance.

Our Film and TV services are designed to secure your filming location, and protect your cast, crew, and equipment.

We provide exceptional services regardless of the size of the job – with experience on small sets, TV series and major blockbusters.

Film & TV security services

  • Crowd Control and Crowd Management Systems
  • Street Reservation and Traffic Cone Management
  • Car Parking Co-ordination
  • Close Protection for VIP’s and Personnel on-set, or at their hotel.
  • Paparazzi Protection
  • Managing the arrival of the Film & TV base, the setting up and the departure to the next location.

Privacy and secrecy

Deadline Security understand the need for privacy and secrecy within the Film and TV industry and work with production companies to help prevent unauthorised information or images being leaked from the set.