Dog Handling

Dog Handling

Here at Deadline Security we are proud of our Dog Handling and Canine units. We utilise highly trained canines, experienced certified dog handlers and security guard specialists.

We offer premier Dog Handling services that have been proven to be valuable and effective for our clients.

Dog Handling services

Our Deadline Dog Handling services include:

  • Handler Protection, Suspect Escort, Crowd Control.
  • Area Search, Building Search, Evidence Search.
  • Narcotics Detection

Dog Handler vetting and appearance

All our Dog Handlers must pass a rigorous vetting process prior to employment along with meeting certification and qualification requirements.

Deadline Security Dog Handlers are always smartly dressed in uniform. They are immediately identifiable as a position of authority and provide the exceptional service that we pride ourselves on.

If required, our Handlers can carry out random searches of vehicles and personnel. Such searches will always be carried out in a courteous and efficient manner.

Animal welfare

At Deadline Security we consider the well being, treatment, upkeep, and safety of our dogs our foremost priority. Our dogs are considered as much a part of our ever growing work force and are treated in such a way. Regular and compulsory vet checks with our animals ensure all dogs are kept in the best shape, health, and appearance.