Door & Event Security

Door & Event Security

At Deadline Security we provide security and safety operatives for all types of events from pubs, clubs and private functions to large public events.

We pride ourselves on making sure our events teams and door teams are polite and respectful at all times. We avoid the ‘bully’ approach that has brought a bad name to a lot of venues and events.

Safety first

Deadline Security operatives work safely and professionally to ensure customers and performers alike have a safe and enjoyable experience.

Approachable security staff

All our operatives are encouraged to be approachable by you, your employees as well as your customers or guests. While being more than capable of dealing with any situation.

Full door & event security service

We are able to provide a full security service for events and venues including VIP, front of house and behind the scenes security. Our operatives are able to run a response team, secure a bar/locked off area or working an entrance/exit.

Large event security

Our operatives have experience at large events, ranging from festivals and conventions to free public space events. We also provide highly experienced Pit teams for concerts and events throughout the country.